Operations/ IT manager (Full time)

We are seeking an Operations Manager to become an integral part of our team! You will coordinate and oversee the organization’s daily operations.


  • Off-the-shelf software installation and configuration for business applications support.
  • Database maintenance – Applications and users maintain the database from a database integrity viewpoint: Operations maintains it from an efficiency and processing viewpoint (cleaning up deleted records, reindexing, creating new indexes and views, backing up, etc.)
  • Troubleshooting applications.
  • Monitoring application performance and issues, and alerting emergency resources when a problem occurs.
  • Telecom configurations for communication with business partners, customers, and other entities (ex. FTP, EDI, e-commerce connections for ordering, copying data between servers, etc.)
  • Help Desk – Help Desk duties are sometimes split between an IT Applications Help Desk and an IT Operations Help Desk.
  • Job Set-Up management to insure that all required jobs run according to schedule on all platforms.
  • Integrating specialized equipment with particular applications – This may including scanners, industrial printers, display terminals, thin clients, tables, cell phones, etc.

Network Infrastructure:

  • Infrastructure and equipment networking functions for internal and external IT communications and equipment (Photocopies, supplies, all equipment)
  • Telecommunications – Managing and configuring all internal and external communication lines so that customers, employees, vendors, and other interested parties can access applications.
  • Port management – Opening and closing ports on the firewall to allow the network to communicate with outside servers.
  • Security – Insuring the network is secured only to authorized users and to prevent/counter attacks from outside sources
  • Remote access to the network for users – Setting up access from outside the network using techniques such as VPN, two-factor authentication, etc.
  • Internal telephone system management – Managing the company phone system
  • Monitoring network health and alerting network personnel when an issue occurs with network resources (including storage, services such as email or file servers, application servers, communications, etc.

Server & Device Management

  • Server management for applications and infrastructure – Set up configuration, maintenance, upgrades, patching, repair, etc.
  • Network and individual storage management to insure that all applications have access to the storage requirements they need for disk, memory, backup, and archiving
  • Email and file server configuration and folder setup and authorization – I classify this as a separate area because outside of order taking & fulfillment and customer service, email and file server management are two of the most important IT functions in a company
  • PC provisioning – Acquisition, configuration, management, break/fix, applications installation & configuration, upgrades of company approved desktop and laptop devices
  • Mobile device and cell phone telecommunications management – Provisioning, assigning, managing, cell phone contracts, and phone numbers. Provisioning for mobile device approved by the organization. Providing for BYOD access to the network.
  • Desktop, laptop, and mobile device software application licensing and management
  1. Set up vision
  2. RICOH print billing, toner supplies.
  3. Warranty on all computer repair, upgrade existing rather than purchasing new.
  4. Inventory of all software running on every computer with serial number and email address.
  5. Create database of all expiration dates service tags for all software hardware and warranty.
  6. Re-map network storage drives, come up with better streamlined way-order of information stored on server.
  7. Clean up all work stations (including wires, battery back-ups, cookies/ cache, hard & soft).
  8. Make sure all jobs are being tracked and printed in print manager.
  9. Staff expense report tracking software.
  10. Bring ideas to save money on everything operations equipment.
  11. Competitive best prices or price match on all software and hardware and equipment.
  12. Timekeeping software improvement.
  13. Tracking of staff who is in/ out.
  14. Kobi’s calendar.


  • Previous experience in operations or other related fields
  • Strong project management skills
  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Strong leadership qualities

Please submit your resume as well as your salary requirements to info@www.kobikarp.com

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