Future City 2020

Future City 2020: Presentations, Photos, Highlights & More

Hello FC Attendees,

Thank you so much for joining us at Future City 2020. We had a great time with you all and hope that you enjoyed our programming and made some good connections. Please see below for important highlights, news and links, for this year and next.

Event Photos

We have photos! Click here to peruse the gallery. Spoiler: you all look beautiful and there may be a good-looking publisher in there.

Academic Presentations

We’re happy to share our academic presentations here.  And thank you again to our fantastic NYU and Columbia academics for educating us all!

Panel Highlights

In 2021 we’re planning on another round of tech-forward and industry-focused programming. As a reminder, here are a few of the things we learned in 2020:

  • At high-touch to high-tech: the amenities revolution, Cyrus Claffey of ButterflyMX, Steve van Till of Brivo, Lee Bienstock of Google Nest, Peter Weiss of Latch and Felicite Moorman of Stratus IOT explained how they create hardware that can handle software updates, bringing building management into our phones, and partnering up with other tech platforms.
  • REBNY President Jim Whelan, A&E’s Doug Eisenberg, Hudson Companies’ David Kramer, Slate Group’s David Schwartz, and Wagner, Berkow & Brandt’s Steve Wagner discussed the “swinging pendulum”, new candidates, and the next moves for Real estate in political plot twists: real estate policy in Albany.
  • During Dev disruptors: how tech is changing the development landscape, developers Young Woo, Gil Dezer and Chris Wein talked with Cushman Wakefield’s Bruce Mosler, Cherre founder LD Salmanson, and HR&A Advisors’ Danny Fuch about the challenges of incorporating brand new tech within an already-planned project.
  • Sidewalk Labs’ Karim Khalifa toured us through the timber-framed, shikkui-walled “future city” in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Eminent architects Kobi Karp, Shawn Basler, Paolo Trevisan, Ariel Aufgang and Michel Abboud talked designing with and for new materials during Designing differently: architecture in a tech-enabled world.
  • In Tools of the trade: tech transforming construction, tech innovators Rahul Bammi, Danielle Naven, Ardalan Khosrowpour, and Jeevan Kalanthi and GC Brad Meltzer explained the tools that increase safety on job sites, streamline construction and improve end products.
  • During The digital dotted line: using new platforms in the rental process Vero’s Joe Ben Zvi, TheGuarantor’s Sean O’Donoghue, Doorkee’s John Fagan, LEAP’s Adam Meshekow and Nestio’s Caren Maio debated the possibility of a platform that puts and end to brokerage and positioned themselves as tools for the residential trade.
  • Lightstone’s David Lichtenstein, Churchill’s Justin Ehrlich, and Shadow Venture’s KP Reddy, debated the value of investing in tech, the risk and promises of a new investment class and strategies for identifying ideal assets in Investing in Future Cities: Navigating the next wave of innovation.

Attendees Info

You can find a complete list of attendees, bios and their companies here.

Future City 2021

If you haven’t yet, please take this survey so that we can incorporate your feedback as we plan Future City 2021. Based on the responses to date, we will cap attendance at 150 executives. To begin, please contact your TRD rep or reach out to And if you know others who you believe would be an asset to our event, let us know so that we can work with you on a new referral program.

Last But Not Least

We hope to see you all again on February 21st to 23rd, 2021 in the Bahamas. Again, please contact with questions, concerns, or to get started with your renewal!


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