Project Specs

Location: South Beach FL

Project Summary

Inspired by the sailboats docked in the adjacent waters of Biscayne Bay, the project seeks to create an architectural language connecting historic elements with contemporary details while imitating the smooth motions of a sail in the wind. In order to establish this language, the master plan had to create lasting social impacts to the community located within the Gilbert Fein District.


The master plan allowed for new pavers, parking layout, landscaped areas and street lighting to surround the historic building located towards the north and the two new buildings in the south. The liberal use of glass, undulating balconies and concrete canopies in the new buildings exemplify the unconfined nature of a sailboat. This aesthetic is further emphasized by the boat-like features within the existing building originally designed by architect Igor Polevitsky. The parking component was designed as an underground structure in order to provide vistas and public access to the promenade while respecting the scale established by the neighboring buildings.