Hotel Chatter: Hyatt

This bright white building was converted from an old apartment building. Due to preservation laws, Hyatt kept the first two floors of the building intact (these will eventually hold retail and an F&B space) and then built up from there.

Miami-based Kobi Karp Architecture did the design for the building (as well as the AC Miami Beach) which features several rooms and windows that jut out from the building, but all feature floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Additionally, the windows can withstand category 5 hurricanes, which not just protect them from high winds but also keep out street noise.

Partly because of the building’s design and partly by Centric design, this Hyatt Centric also doesn’t have a traditional lobby. While the front of the hotel faces Collins, the entrance happens on the side on 16th. From there, guests take an elevator to the third floor lobby, which gives off a more residential feel while at the same time, allows the guests some privacy from all the South Beach foot traffic.


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