Ceramic Industry: Kobi Karp, TD Bank

A new landmark building in downtown Miami is saving energy and making a dramatic architectural statement using dynamically tintable SageGlass®, a product of Saint-Gobain. Currently housing a TD Bank retail location, “The CUBE” is a 2,500-sq-ft glass structure at the iconic 1101 Brickell office towers designed by renowned architectural firm Kobi Karp Architecture. Inspired by the famous all-glass Apple store on New York’s Fifth Avenue, The CUBE was designed to be eco-smart while enhancing the urban fabric to accommodate more pedestrian-friendly traffic.

“The once all-commercial downtown area is going through an urban revival to integrate multi-family residences,” said Kobi Karp, architect, founder and principal of Kobi Karp. “We sought to recreate the façade to make it more pedestrian-friendly because the building would serve as an urban connector between Brickell Ave. and Bayshore Dr. We turned to SageGlass because it allowed us to create a pedestrian-oriented space with glass that is more translucent, energy efficient, and really lets the crystalline volume of the building enhance the urban landscape.”

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