Project Specs

Location: Miami, FL

Project Summary

Miami River is a Special Area plan located on the north side of the Miami River, Southwest Seventh Street and Southwest Second Avenue. The master plan is broken in to 5 phases, which will include two 58-story towers, two 60-story towers and two three-story structures connected by walkways at the 2nd, 3rd and 9th level. The master plan offers a mixed-used program containing uses such as commercial, offices, lodging, entertainment, and residential. As part of the special Area plan, Jose Marti Park will be improved and an extension to the Riverwalk will be provided.

Miami River is a 10-acre Special Area Plan, designed to activate its surrounding by integrating a mixed-use program with improved public areas such as the river walk and Jose Marti Park.  Miami River’s connectivity is both vertically and horizontally through the use of pedestrian walkways, which invites the public to explore the ground, second and third level. Also, Miami River takes the opportunity of its location in relation to the water to provide public, semi-public and private views to the river.mrweb3

At the ground level, the architecture’s curvilinear design in plan and elevation and its transparent materiality offers residents, visitors and neighbors a close relation to the lower levels.  The landscape and hardscape’s organic design provides a seamless transition between both by using built-in seating and recess planters at the ground.  The pedestal façade is a combination of glass, metal and a series of planters systems from levels 2 to 8. At the ninth level all four towers are connected by a 6,000 s.f. walkway, which re-invents the idea of a floating plaza where residents and visitors can interact and enjoy the view over the city. Furthermore, the ninth and tenth level allows access to the pool amenities and a sunset bar. Finally in the tower, its glass façade allows its residents and visitors to enjoy a 360 degree view to the city at all levels. In overall Miami River looks to provide at any opportunity the best experience not only to its resident, but also to its neighbors.