Project Specs

Location: Miami Beach FL

Project Summary

Originally a Jewish Cultural Center, the one-story structure facing the street was restored with an attached newly designed structure. Modern architectural elements were successfully implemented while strengthening the original structure of the building. This preservation with its use of modern architecture has linked a piece of history with the current era. This development successfully revitalized an important historical building for generations to come.


Basic program requirements included opening up the façade for a suitable storefronts, now satisfied by fully-functioning 3,000 square foot copy and printing center, a new five-story addition consisting of ground. Also created were two levels of offices and parking. The last requirement was in consideration of the community. Incorporated into the building was a landscaped garden and recreation area on the rooftop enjoyed by any visitor of the facility. Also, the two roof canopies celebrate Miami’s historic seaplane by incorporating aerodynamic shape that function in creating shade for visitors.