Los Micos

Project Specs

Location: Los Micos, Honduras

Project Summary

Located along the northern coast of Honduras, the spirit of the natural diversity, cultural richness and remarkable history of the Garifunas inherent to the site are encompassed within the established architectural language carried throughout the entirety of the project.

The intention is to integrate architectural elements and reduce them to their essential components amplifying the natural setting that define the experience. The elevated position of the structures minimizes their impact on the ground plane allowing the undisturbed natural landscape to flow under them as an integral part of the design. The structures are tactfully placed on the site to maximizing performative and experiential qualities, capturing the prevailing winds for cross-ventilation, and framing the expansive vistas. The environmentally sensitive design incorporates the use of indigenous building techniques and planting materials in a well-balanced model of resource-efficient design.

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