Dongshan Tourist Service Center

Project Specs

Location: Dongshan Island, China

Project Summary

Dongshan Tourist Service Center is centrally and strategically located in an important intersection node serving as The Gateway for tourists visiting the great city of Dongshan.  This iconic Tourist Service Center will serve as the welcoming attraction to the community.  It will house a convention center and exhibition hall among other public functions, to provide patrons with a first-class guest experience and international services.  As a tourist center this building assumes an important role as the gathering point upon arriving at and entering the Dongshan and be- comes the first impression of Dongshan for travelers visiting for the first time.


The conceptual vision of the form of the building is derived from observations of the unique lo- cal and natural context; for example, the local flora, fauna and the natural and physical history of Dongshan. This icon is inspired by the curves of the wind-moving stones.  The strong winds and continuous waves hitting the rocky shores reflect the inherent strength of the local community.


The massing of this building takes its shape from the stacked boulders shaped by the wind and smoothed by the water creating a perfect harmony and balance.  The pedestal curves are inspired to rise out of the earth in a curved linear design to reflect the curved architectural designs of the Pagoda roof tops, round ceramic roof tiles and arches.


The large naturally lit interior open public spaces arise vertically in an incense smoke inspired

flow of open volumes bathed in naturally lit spaces similar to the offering areas for Buddha.