Aqua Vista

Project Specs

Location: North Miami Beach, FL

Project Summary

Aqua Vista is an affordable, attractive, and well marketable 14 residential

building project, designed to enhance the residential community of its

location. The buildings are located throughout three different parcels, which

include the following:

Parcel 1: 8 buildings, 60 units, 86 parking spaces

Parcel 2: 3 buildings, 18 units, 27 parking spaces

Parcel 3: 3 buildings, 17 units, 55 parking spaces

The Aqua Vista project has a total of 95 townhouse type for sale units, with

either 2 or 3 levels, grade level entrance and a range from 2 to 3 bedrooms.

Each parcel is located on waterfront lots and have their own private pool

with pool cabana facility building. The projects also features numerous

private waterfront pedestrian pathways.